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Thinking about building a kayak trailer? Check out this DIY project where I built my very own metal kayak trailer for pretty cheap!

Getting the kayaks to the river can be a bit tricky and since I’ve been wanting to build a trailer for a while this project just seemed to make a lot of sense.  I had so much fun building this kayak trailer : )  I started with a basic harbor freight trailer and added a bunch of steel to it in order to make the side rails and center mast. After pricing the material out it was more cost effective to buy a small trailer from harbor freight, which comes in a box, and then modify it to fit my needs. It came out very stiff and feels great when loading the kayaks as well as pulling it down the road.  Check out the video down below to learn a bit more.

Things I Used in This Building A Kayak Trailer Project:

Bluetooth Hearing Protection
Right Angle Grinder
Portaband Saw
Women Work Pants

Welding Hood
Welding Jacket
Welding Gloves
Welding Cart

Magnetic Ground Clamp
Metal Marking Pencil
Chop Saw
Plasma Cutter
Self Tapping Screws

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