How To Build A Hook On Balcony Desk

Wonder how to build a hook on balcony desk? Check out this fun and productive DIY project where I built my own desk that hooks onto my balcony!

By now you’ve probably learned that I LOVE being outdoors in the elements. This idea was born out of my love for sitting outside on the balcony while drinking coffee and working on the computer. Although we have a couple tables out on the porch, this little “hook-on” balcony desk is the real deal. I can easily move it from one spot to another depending on where the wind is blowing from, if the sun is in my eyes, or if there happen to be a lot of deer on the west side of the house in the evening. All and all I think there are many others who could benefit from this little design. If you haven’t already, check out the video down below.

Things I Used In This Hook On Balcony Desk Project:

Miter Saw Stand
ISOTunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection
Miter Saw
Thickness Planer
Thickness Planer Stand
Crosscut Sled
Brass Gauge Blocks

Glue Brush
Bench Dog Push Blocks
Large ROS
Outfeed Table
T-track Hold Downs

Large Right Angle Jigs
Small Right Angle Jigs
Blue Clamps
Adjustable Right Angle Jig
Super Jaws

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