How To Build A Dog Pool Out of Rock

Thinking about building a small dog pool? Check out this DIY project where I built the dogs their own pool to use to cool off!

The Texas summer heat is in full swing and the dogs are feelin it! This week I built a small dog pool for all of the pups so they can jump in and cool off.  I built the entire thing out of rocks I gathered from my property but you can easily recreate this project using the steps in the video but with rock from a material supplier. The inside of the pool is lined with a masonite water proofing product called Drylock and is available at your local hardware store. Check out the video below to learn more.  Cheers!

Thing I Used During This Dog Pool Build:

Bluetooth Hearing Protection
Masonite Board
Type S Mortar
Knee Pads
Drain Ball Valve

Triton Recip Saw
UGL Drylok
UGL Brush
Mosquito Killing Tablets

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