How To Build A Custom Walking Cane

Thinking about building a custom walking cane? Check out this DIY project where I built a walking cane for my dad!

Well, my Dad finally went through with his knee surgery to replace a broken down knee joint. Thank goodness! Before he went into surgery I decided to make a custom walking cane out of some scrap material I had on the lumber cart. I went back and forth on material types but settled on a combination of Walnut and Padauk with an Oak center. I really love the way that it came out….and so does Dad. If you haven’t already, check out the video link below to see how the project came together.

Things I Used In This Custom Walking Cane Build: 

Handle Template
ISOTunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection
Rolling Lumber Rack
Crosscut Sled
Glue Bottle
Super Jaws

Bar Clamps
Hole Saw Bit
Out feed Table
Small Vise
Dust Right Separator
Belt Sander

Small Hose Kit
Blue Clamps
Spindle Sander
Anti Fatigue Mats
Shop Stool
Respirator Mask

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