How To Build A Filing Cabinet To Compliment Your Desk!

Thinking about how to build a filing cabinet for your desk? Check out this project where I show you exactly how to easily build your own!

Last week I shared a metal and wooden desk project with you which has been working perfectly in its new space; feel free to find it here. This week I’m sharing the basics on how to compliment the desk with a nice filing cabinet made from Oak material. It’s a simple additive that really goes well with the look and the function of this new work surface. The video of the filing cabinet build can be found down below. Oh yeah! Definitely check out the plans I just posted as well. They are comprehensive desk with filing cabinet build plans which walk you through all the steps necessary to re-create this entire project.

Things I Used For This Build A Filing Cabinet Project:

Triton Track saw
ISOtunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection
Jobsite Saw
Infinity Table Saw Blade
Edge Banding
Triton SuperJaws
Ultimiate Workbench Plans
Triton Palm ROS
Rockler Bench Cookies
Blue Bar Clamps
Titebond Original Wood Glue
Triton Drills
18 Gauge Brad Nailer
Fuji HVLP Sprayer
Fuji Hose Whip
Cross-Linking Top Coat

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