Bottling a Wish

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When I was a kid I use to take advantage of any opportunity to make a wish…on a shooting star, birthday candles, Thanksgiving wishbones, and especially dandelions.

As a child there was only one thing I wanted desperately and so for 7-8 years I always made the same wish. Finally it was granted and I laid off, but even now as an adult the concept of making a wish still holds a super sweet spot in my heart.

So when I saw a pin that was of a bottle with dandelion seeds inside, my heart smiled (cheesy, I know) and I had to have it. A bottled wish?? Yes please!

While picking one for myself, I thought some of my girlfriends would also like one so I picked a few more.

Trying to make it fun, I wrote up a short cheesy note to explain the gift and left it on their desk for them to discover.

The note reads:

“Walking around on an ordinary day
I looked down and a Dandelion lay in my way

I plucked it up thinking to make a wish
but came up short for something to insist

Nothing important would come to mind
so I bottled it up to use for another time

Liking the idea of having a wish to cash in
I bottled a few more to give to my friends

Here is yours, handle it with care
when you need it, just release it into the air!”

: ) I’m not gonna win any awards with it, but it’s sure to get a few smiles!

**Update** I bought a thing of 6 bottles at Hobby Lobby for $2

Total Time: 5 mins
Total Cost: $2

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