This week was a ton of hard work. Sweat and tired muscles. But! No tears and no blood, which is saying something since we moved around 10,000 pounds of equipment.

It was so cool. Also nerve wracking. There were many times that I had my serious concentration face on. But now that it’s done, I can sit here and giggle at how powerful I felt at moving such big and heavy stuff.

a 10000 pound move moving big and heavy equipment 3

Overall, there were 2 4×8′ CNC’s that were moved, a 4′ Plasma table, and my giant Matt Cremona Bandsaw Mill, which traveled in two parts (the bed and the carriage).

If you missed the announcement, I bought a commercial space that I’m turning into a retail space and production shop. And that is where all of this equipment is heading. Some of this was in storage and other items were in my personal shop.

a 10000 pound move moving big and heavy equipment 1

Check out the video above to see how we got it all moved!

I hope that you realize that if I can do these things, so can you! It really was a very short time ago that I didn’t know how to use tools, how to build things, how to run a business or how to make videos. I am self taught in all of these areas and there’s nothing different about me that makes me more capable of doing them over anyone else. I hope this inspires you to put effort into learning the things that gets you excited.

See you on the next build!

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