Getting Started With SketchUp | 3D Modeling

In these videos, I’m going to be giving you an introduction to one of my most used and versatile tools. It is a 3D modeling software called SketchUp.

Before I build anything, I first build it digitally in SketchUp. This not only saves time (because I can go into my shop with a detailed plan) but also saves on material because I can figure out any potential mistakes before I even make my first cut.

The learning curve can be a little frustrating if you are learning it on your own. So, the goal of these videos is to shorten the learning curve for you to get you going.

My videos are going to be geared towards woodworkers, but know that SketchUp has a ton of resource videos that I’ve linked below.

The first video (above) gets you started by covering the main concepts, the basic tools and their functions:

In this second video (below), I model a basic woodworking project from scratch and apply the teachings from Video 1:

Hopefully these videos are helpful for you to get you started with modeling in SketchUp!

Check out SketchUp’s learning campus (self-paced tutorials that range in difficulty and topic): https://learn.sketchup.com

And also SketchUp’s Skill Builders (these are quicker format tutorials around 5 minutes): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-bndkJaV8A5VmrwvxMw-IYgSJLlV-vjH

Big thank you to SketchUp for sponsoring these videos! Use code “APRIL” to get 15% off a SketchUp Pro license for the first year (offer ends March 31, 2020) http://bit.ly/2uehhtC

3 thoughts on “Getting Started With SketchUp | 3D Modeling

  1. Fantastic SketchUp tutorial! I’ve tinkered with the free version, but the learning curve just seemed too high. Your excellent tutorial has changed my mind. Can you also create cut lists and layouts? Thanks so much


  2. April, thank you for posting this. Great job as always! So helpful as I have been referring so many friends to Sketchup as well, but they need a simple tutorial on it, which you have provided. It is also awesome to see them from ideation and design although through to build which you do better than anyone! Stay safe!

  3. April, thank you I have been struggling with ShetchUp for a awhile. Your vedios are a great help thank you.

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