Simplify your style with the right tools!

I recently shared my thoughts on what I consider to be the most important of these three steps of the building process but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty to say about cutting and building. 

To be honest with you, I have more means of cutting material than I can shake a stick at….and I use everyone of them. : ) Some of the most recent additions to the battery of cutting gear include this fresh new combo kit from DeWalt. The kit includes a basic reciprocating saw and not so basic circular saw, all packaged in their patented tough case. The recip saw works perfectly as general use, bang around saw for the DIYer or your favorite demolition hand. 

The circular saw on the other hand is very nice piece of gear and is almost identical to the cordless saw I used to build out my entire shop. Cutting strand board for roof decking was a total breeze with this little guy. I used the Diablo Demon blade for the decking and then switched out Diablos finish blade what it came to more precise framing. Granted, the demo blade will provide clean cuts on framing material, but there is a noticeable difference after switching out to the finish blade on nicer material.

I can tell you without question that this saw can really take a beating on a job site. More than anything I appreciate how light and nimble the saw is to move around making cuts on a ladder or roof top a real breeze compared to a larger corded model. There is some debate on whether a left or right sided saw is best for most users. Even though I’m right handed, I generally prefer a left sided saw as this model is configured. 

In addition to having access to a variety of different cutting techniques, I’m also a firm believer in having WAY more drill bits than you think you will ever need. Believe me, you will use all them in time and its a type of collection that should always be kept alive…..especially if you have multiple people working in your shop. Milwaukee recently me a 142 bit case that really helped push the drill bit collection to a point where I think I may be stocked appropriately for the next year or so as long and I can keep my guys from walking off with some of them lol. This would also be a perfect collection starting package for anyone just getting into building and aiming to ramp up their bit collection. Between all four boxes you have just about every bit you might need around the shop including torx, phillips, squares, and even a couple 1/4” drive hole drilling bits. 

My neighbor recently enlisted my help to build a shave horse which was a totally fun build. Since I was building over at her place, I just took a tool bag to her place of the most essential tools we would need. As it turns out, we wound up having a bolt that was a bit too short and didn’t expose enough threads to catch a nut on. The quick solution was to turn the bolt hole into a counter-bored hole so the head of the carriage bolt could seat deeper into the material. To do this I just un rolled this hand new paddle bit set from Bosch. These paddle bits feature a threaded tip which keeps the head pulling through the material as you turn the drill motor. However, you can also precisely stop the bit a certain depth to keep yourself from going all the way through your material. Admittedly, a nice forstner bit would have created a better square profile on the counter-bore but for a quick solution to an easy problem, this pouch of paddle bits did the trick. 

Although I can easily carry on about the three pillars of creating that are best described as “measure, cut, build”, safety is without a doubt the most important element in the entire evolution of creating. The more I build, and the older I get, the more I appreciate all the little moving parts of my body and in want to steer clear of any injuries during all of my creative builds. Aside from good eye safety, hand safety is no joke. Consequently, I keep gloves just about everywhere in my shop so I’m never too far away from being to protect my hands if the work calls for it. The new Firm Grip gloves from The Home Depot have been the latest go-to pair on the metal side of the shop. The doubled-up grain material over the knuckles and the palms offer solid protection from all the metal work I’ve been finding myself in lately. Although they are slightly on the big side for my small hands, the leather is very supple right out of the box. If you’re hard on your hands like I am, feel free to check them out. : )

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