Bright Lights and Cordless Grease Guns – Check out some new tools for 2019!

The cordless tool industry is absolutely blowing my mind these days. All the big name manufacturers are dipping into speciality markets and releasing some very specific solutions for specific problems we all deal with. At the same time, these manufacturers are ensuring battery compatibility throughout their product lines. This affords the end user the advantage of “buy once – cry once” with regard to batteries, then enjoy the endless compatibility up and down list of cool tools. The tools I’, sharing with you today address two very common issues, poor lighting and clumsy grease guns. Check it out:

To brighten up a dark work area you need not look any further than Milwaukee’s new 1400 lumen, free standing work light. This thing is awesome!…no lie. It’s proven itself to be super valuable around my shop, especially while welding up those Grenade Stools I sell online. I can put the light source exactly where I need it and since it weighs in at a whopping 6.7 lbs, it’s pretty easy to maneuver around.

The light is loaded with cool technology such as a telescoping base that collapses down to 31” or stretches out to 68”. There is a mid point stop at about 50” high which does come in handy. However, I really would like to see a friction collar in the telescoping shaft though….this would allow the user to set the height anywhere they please within the upper and lower limits, much like a I.V. bag stand found in the medical industry or even a basic microphone stand.

The lamp head is suuuuper bright! If you happen to glance at it while standing up from your work area you may see spots for a moment lol. In addition to being very bright, it also swivels – 210 degrees on the horizontal axis, and 270 on the vertical.

As you can see, this light packs away tightly and is beyond versatile. Milwaukee configured the battery input to accept either of their M12 series batteries. The smaller 2.0Ah battery fits perfectly into the battery input well with plenty of room for your fingers to depress the snap fit closure. It may have been that my 3.0Ah M12’s were new, but I found the larger battery pretty tight within the same space and a bit more challenging to remove. Getting my fingers in to depress the snap closure is a bit more difficult due to the “blocky” shape of the battery. I don’t think the light looses major points here but it’s worth sharing in case a designer happens to come across this review : ) Be that as it may, this light also gives you the option of running straight-up 120VAC input! That’s right, you can run an extension chord straight to it and let your light shine ’till your heart’s content….no battery required : )

Greasing up the tractor has been the latest project to leverage the light from this free standing lamp. Some of the grease zerks are buried pretty deep in rather dark spots which were no match for this lamp. The grease gun I’ve been leaning on lately is a cordless model from DeWalt. It may be worth pausing for dramatic effect here……I said cordless grease gun yall!

Seriously, I don’t know how may of you guys or gals have suffered from intense arm pump due to pumping a grease gun till the cows come home but it’s a sensation I’m not terribly fond of. This cordless unit from DeWalt runs on any of their 20-volt Lithium batteries and basically affords you the opportunity to free up a hand while filling your grease fittings. For some, this may sound trivial but the experienced hand will understand fully how valuable it is to simply stab the grease gun to the zerk fitting, squeeze the variable speed button on the pump, and start pumping 5 ounces per minute into your pivot point or U-joint fitting.

The hose on this space age gem is 42 inches long and features coil spring reinforcements at the gun and the nozzle ends which help to prevent kinking and provide strain relief at either end of the hose. The electric pump features a pre-filter to prevent dirt contaminating the pump mechanism, a simple bleeder valve to release air following a cartridge change, and will deliver up to 10,000psi of line pressure which helps to blast through clogged grease fittings.

So far I’ve had zero issues out of the hose fitting coming off of the grease zerk which is a common problem with a lot of manual grease guns. Not to say this unit is safe from popping off, but it hasn’t happened to me yet.

Again I feel like these two tools are a testament to how far the technology has come in the cordless tool market. If you have a tool issue, chances are you’ll find a unique solution on the shelf from one of the major players out there.

Thanks for stopping in to learn a bit more about these handy tools. All of this gear is available through The Home Depot. This article is actually sponsored by them through their ProSpective campaign which involves paid content creators, like me and several others, who provide feedback, exposure, and reviews of current projects available to the market. Some of the links above are affiliate links and provide a small kickback for any sales associated with them. In a way, it helps to keep the entire machine running. Thanks so much for your support and stay safe out there!

Cheers – April


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  1. Ryobi has some great new lights and specialty tools in its 18-volt line. They also have a hybrid fan that just might be perfect for your new shop when the summer gets here.

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