Affordable and Deployable For the Weekend Do-able’s – Check out the new workbench from Husky

Portable workbenches can really be a hit and miss type of item in the tool industry. In terms of this table recently released by Husky, it’s a real hit. The top accepts the majority of popular routers, the legs stow neatly under the bottom, it’s ultra light weight and easy to transport, and husky made it super easy to expand the table top for more work surface. If you have the need and an extra eighty bucks lying around, you really oughtta give this table some consideration. Here’s what I’ve learned about it:

This portable work bench measures 22” x 35” and stands at 32” high making it the same height as most saw horses. The deck is made of 100% injected molded plastic but is still incredible strong with a 1500 lb weight capacity. Of Course I have zero plans of actually loading that much weight on mine but I suppose it’s nice to know it could potentially double as a jack stand…haha (not recommended)

Out on the sides of the table Husky incorporated these handy hooks which kind of have a dual purpose. You can use them strictly as accessory hooks and hang tools, belts, or cords from them, or you can uses the hooks to drop in a few 2×4’s to open up the foot print of the table. This would allow you to have extra wide support for miter saw operations or provide you a means of securing a large sheet of plywood as a larger table top.

Outfitting the table with a router is made easy with the central adapter plate with pre-drilled holes which will talk to *most* routers. Some users mentions the need to drill extra holes for their particular router or micro-adjuster handles. The table includes 3 router bushing plates with inside diameters measuring 12.5, 30, and 45mm.

Anyone who values proper work holding will appreciate the in-layed aluminum T-tracks provided on the work surface. Although conventional T-track clamps are not provided with the work bench, Husky does include some T-track bolts with compression knobs so you can turn a a piece of material of your choice into a large clamp or fence.

Underneath the table Husky installed the cutest of small parts tool boxes. This bi-folding plastic snap-box makes for great storage of the router plates and any other small hardware you might want to keep with the work bench.

When you’re ready to break it down and slide it into the back of the truck, simply unscrew the aluminum legs and stow them on the underside of the table on either side of the small tool box. These aluminum legs snap into position with the help of some hefty snap-fit keepers which provide a really secure nest for the legs.

Off the shelf these tables are retailing for about eighty bucks through The Home Depot. A quick glance at the 387 customer reviews on The Home Depot’s website show the average rating for the table is 4.5 out of 5 stars. These reviews are coming from trades-folk just like you and I…the kind of people who demand real performance out of their tools for the real work they are using them for.

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