Driving rivets anytime soon? Save time with a cordless unit from Milwaukee.

Honestly speaking, I’ve driven no more than about 100 rivets in my life. However, I fully realize there are several different industries which employ the use of rivets for a verity of different sheet metal coupling applications. As it turns out Milwaukee tools took a look at the cordless rivet gun market and decided “we can do it better”. Enter the 12 Volt Rivet Tool.

If you get to scratching the surface of what else is out there on the shelf in the way of battery operated riveters, you quickly learn that the few available brands are not cheap….as in, anywhere from $600-$1200. This unit retails off the shelf for less than $200. Based on the average five star user reviews on The Home Depot website, this riveter is no chump. I’ve been reading reports of users setting over 2000 rivets per week without one rejected part. Even the casual observer can appreciate that level of performance.


The collet head is capable of working the following size rivets: 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, and 3/16. Although 1/4” rivets are a common size, this model is not capable of yanking on them. Switching from one size to another requires changing the mandrel with the built in spanner stored beneath the handle. Milwaukee built in storage for the mandrels and located them between the battery and the back of the pistol grip. Although the rubber grommet that nests the spare mandrels is clever, there’s no way I would trust it to store my mandrels in a production environment out of concern for them getting wedged out of there and lost in the abyss of a shop floor. Lol

Obviously this tool is an ideal candidate for a variety of technicians but I think the majority of target users will come from the auto industry. My husband has put some pretty serious eye prints on this tool along with this set of Wiss brand aviation snips. The aviation snips are the center cut type but you can find them in the left or right ejection arrangement. This can make your life much easier when you’re chomping away at a stubborn piece of sheet metal.

If you’re not in the Milwaukee cordless family at this point I would encourage you to consider some of their products. The quality of Milwaukee tools and batteries speak for themselves. Time and again they make it very clear they’re not only employing zippy engineers to develop quality products but they’re obviously employing and listening to those men and women with industry experience to ensure us customers are getting a consciously designed piece of gear we can rely on in a production capacity.

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