Don’t buy it – Build it with a RIDGID framing nailer!

During my shop build I used a cordless Hitachi nailer for almost all of the framing. I had about three of them in rotation throughout the entire build and got very familiar with what makes a framing nailer smooth in its operation. Size and angle of the magazine, ease of clearing when it jams, and reliability are the essentials for any nail gun on a jobsite. From what I can tell, RIDGID hit the mark with this 21 degree 3-1/2″ Round Head Framing Nailer. Check it out: 

This RIDGID unit is made with a magnesium body making it fairly light at just over 8 lbs. RIDGID makes it painfully clear they’re designing around the end user through several key features that are easily recognizable by experienced hands. For example, on the bottom of the unit you’ll find it’s outfitted with a 3/8 NPT swivel hose fitting making the gun much easier to manipulate when the hose is attached, as well as a built in rafter hook that rotates to whatever position you need when you up in the rafters. 

Moving to the top we can see that the exhaust port is aligned with the body of the gun which fires the exhaust “puff” in the same direction the gun is pointed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hit with a high velocity chunk of air shooting from the side of nail gun thinking to my self “I’m sure happy there wasn’t any debris in there!”. Not only is the exhaust blast directed away from the operator, but the handle of this nail gun is home to an inline filter to help catch small debris in the air line. Touche RIDGID.

The magazine can hold 70-80 nails depending on what size you’re running. I loaded mine with two full racks of 3-1/2” plastic collated 21 degree full round heads. There’s a lot of value in a magazine capacity greater than one rack. When running the Hitachi units it seemed like I was having to re-load every time I turned around. Twice the ammo….twice the efficiency!

This nailer comes with all the other standard bells and whistles you’d come to expect such as a dry fire lockout to prevent dry firing, selectable modes between contact or sequential firing when you’re switching between framing or sheathing, and an adjust depth knob.

The warranty is what sets this new nailer out in front for me. Pause for dramatic effect…….ok, LIFETIME warranty y’all. For as long as you own the tool, RIDGID will replace just about all of the moving parts that make this unit work. Seals, pistons, blades…..all covered by the lifetime warranty. Just register the unit within 90 days of purchase and you’re in the club – easy day!

You can find these units on the shelf at your local Home Depot for just over $200. How they make money at that price point, maintain a quality product, and back it by a lifetime warranty is still a mystery to me. Nonetheless, I’ll continue to rock RIDGID’s products on the jobsite. Whether its shop-vacs, impacts, or nailers, RIDGID’s got the power tool market pretty well figured out. 

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