Boxed up and ready to roll – Check out these new truck boxes!

Well both of our trucks got a bit of an upgrade this week in the way of two metal truck tool boxes. Between the two of them, I think Cody and I have just about all of our road traveling essentials accounted for and ready to roll. Both of these boxes are made from diamond plate aluminum and fully seal welded on all sides for durability and rigidity. The matte black chest is a universal model indented to fit a variety of different applications while the polished model is best fit for compact trucks. Both boxes score well in my estimation for their weather tightness, a tight locking system, solid construction, and easy to open lids. Check it out: 

These boxes really opened up a lot of opportunity to be better prepared for whatever the road throws at us. Even though a lot of these odds and ends were taking up space in both of our trucks already, we now have a place to permanently store these things as well as some other essentials.

Straps and tools are an essential part of truck ownership and now I can store them in a protected enclosure and out of the elements. All sides are fully seal welded and the lid is lined with a rubber seal on the underside for protection against nasty weather.

Not only do these boxes allow us to keep some gear out of the elements, but we can also keep our gear out of the cross hairs of potential thieves who may have an interest in swiping my stuff. : ) The boxes are built to withstand attempted break-ins with keyed push button locks and fully welded looped strikers.

The Chevy truck box is known as the “Defender” from Weather Guard and comes with only one push button lock on the drivers side. The one in the Tacoma is made by Husky and has a push button lock on both sides. The push button action on both boxes is solid as you’d like it to be and releases the lid for opening with the help of the gas struts. The designer took the time to spec out covered gas shocks for both boxes. This cover over the piston of the shock keeps the polished finish on the piston from getting banged up by whatever you have floating around in the tool box.

Although we didn’t realize, my husband I really needed the boxes for a long time now. Between the floor board of my Chevy and the back seat of my husbands Tacoma, we were both running out of space to keep some of the vehicle essentials. Not to mention all the other cab crowding gear that we carry around with us from one little job to another.

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