Dremel released a new cordless cleaning tool…and it’s awesome! Check it out!

Sometimes the elbow grease runs low and a squeaky tired joint holds you back from the amount of scrubbing you could otherwise put into your cleaning job. Enter the Dremel Versa; it’s a battery powered scrubbing machine that lays down some serious scrubbing power…..and it fits in the palm of your hand. Dig it:

Dremel is well known for producing quality product that can handle some abuse. I’ve been beating on their high speed rotary tools for years and have had nothing but good fortune with them. This tool appears to be built with the same level of craftsmanship as all the others I own.

It’s marketed as a versatile tool for a variety of jobs and comes with different attachments fit for tile and grout, carpet spots, stove tops, cast iron machine tops, painted surfaces, glass, ceramics and the list goes on. The unit is completely sealed making it very water resistant so you can use it for really wet applications like scrubbing wheels and tires.

I recently put it to work cleaning the cast iron table top on my table saw. Since moving into the new shop (still awaiting electricity btw) I’ve really only used the table saw as a $3,500 work bench lol. But, power to the shop is going down next week so I figured cleaning it up would be a great testing ground for this cordless cleaning tool.

Without doubt it worked really well. Believe me, if it sucked, I’d tell ya it sucked. The owners manual suggested the type of cleaning pad to use which was abrasive enough to remove the grime but not enough to scratch the machine finish of the cast iron.

I used good ‘ol soap-n-water and the micro-fiber non-scratch pad. The splash guard did its job to reduce the amount of splatter that comes off the wet turning head. Once the splash guard is installed then I threaded on the backing pad which has a velcro-like layer on the business side to hold the scrubbing pad in place. After that….scrubah-dub for about 30 minutes and it was good to go. There were a number of times I really leaned on this little guy which it didn’t seem to mind. It’s DC motor just pushed on through with zero issues.

Although it’s small in size it appears to pack a serious punch. The information plate on the underside of the unit says it will output 5.4Wh. Since the “Watt hour” can be a bit of a confusing unit, it may be easier to say that the unit will deliver 5.4 Watts of power for one full hour on a fully charged 4 volt Lithium-ion battery. Unlike AA or NiCad batteries, this unit will not loose performance as the battery looses charge. Plug it in for two hours after it’s drained and you’re back in business.

I can tell you from my experience the power is quite surprising. Not only will this tool tolerate some very aggressive scrubbing loads but it will also kickback on you if you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing….as is the case with any rotary tool.

The Dremel Versa not only fits well into your cupboard of cleaning supplies but would also be right at home on the boat, in the RV, or in your mobile detailing kit. At fifty American dollars, it lends itself as good gift idea for a variety of folks on your gift list.

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