Bomb Proof Bolt Cutters From Milwaukee – Check em out!

These bolt cutters arrived right on time! Since summer has moved into full swing down here in the oven that is central Texas, I’ve been hitting the river on my kayak every chance I get. Taking the ‘yaks on their maiden voyage for the season was nearly cut short however since I managed to misplace the keys to the kayak trailer lock….hard to tow a trailer when the hitch is locked lol.

Fortunately I just got my hands on these 14” bolt cutters from Milwaukee. When it came to cutting the small master lock, they basically went through it like a knife through hot butter.  I’m not the strongest gal in the world and it was painfully easy cutting through this pad lock.

These cutters are a good all-around tool to keep in the truck box or on the shelf for quick style cutting of a handful of different small to medium size stock. All-thread, round bar, chain, bolts, (your) pad lock with a missing key, all fall into appropriate materials for this set of cutters.

The jaws on these cutters are made from forged steel which undergo a custom heat treating process to increase the surface hardness of the blade material. While Milwaukee doesn’t disclose the hardness of the cutting blades, they recommend not cutting anything harder than 48HRC. This upper limit leaves you room to cut damn near anything you need as long as it’s not any larger than 5/16” in diameter. Wether it’s a low carbon stick of all-thread or even a quenched and tempered, medium carbon grade 8 bolt, these cutting blades are going to push through with little to no blade deformation.

Adjusting the blade gap is made easy with a small jack bolt which is locked in place with a jam nut. All of the bolts in the cutting head feature nylon lock nuts or spring style lock washers so loose fasteners are not an issue like what I’ve seen with my old set of bolt cutters.

If you’re in the market for an inexpensive set of bolt cutters, give these guys a chance as they can be picked up for about thirty bucks from your local Home Depot. Milwaukee makes larger models capable of cutting up to 7/16” stock and also offer telescoping handles for a bit greater leverage. So far these have plenty of gusto for the work I’ve thrown at em.

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