Suck It Up With Ryobi’s New Cordless Wet-Dry Vac!

This cordless vacuum came to me at just the right time. Now that I’m coming to the end of my shop build, I’ve been in a constant clean-up mode getting all of my shop equipment out of the garage and down to the new shop. I’ve been getting to know this 18 Volt Cordless Wet/Dry Vac from Ryobi very well in the process as I clean out all the saw dust bits from the garage. Additionally, since I kept the small CNC machine in the garage, I decided to dedicate this vacuum as a temporary solution to dust collection for the CNC router. Here’s what I can share about it:

Much like the carts up at The Home Depot, this we/dry vac features large diameter wheels mounted in line with the middle of the machine allowing it to turn on a dime. Out on the ends, there are two swivel casters which only add to the maneuverability.

Again, it’s battery operated but don’t let that scare you away in terms of it potentially lacking power. At 80 CFM of flow at the hose end, this machine will easily pick up bolts, screws, wood chips, and saw dust.

All of the accessories stow away easily in the clever bungee cord storage system. At first I did not think I would like the bungee storage but it has sort of grown on me since I’ve had it. The hose also stores smartly between in the top tray. My last shop-vac from RIDGD lacked good hose storage and that is the main thing I did not like about it.

Fortunately this wet/dry vac does not come with a vacuum bag which makes emptying the 6 gallon collector trouble free.  Just pop open the four over-center levers, remove the lid, and you’re ready to empty your load.

However, because the vac does not have a fine filter bag, this vac would be less than ideal if you’re needing to collect something as fine damaging as silica dust from something like anchor drilling for example.

It’s currently on the shelf for just under a hundred bucks and that does not include the battery. If youre already invested in the Ryobi family then it would be a no brainer. This little unit would work well in any shop, garage, or mud room since it is so deployable with out the dust of a long cord. 

If you’re in the market, feel free to use this link to learn a bit more. This review was provided in support of the ProSpective Campaign sponsored by The Home Depot. They supply the tool and I supply an opinion. The links in this review are affiliate links and provide a small kick-back to the website which helps to keep the wheel turning. Regardless, I genuinely appreciate your support.