Hardware Organization From DeWalt – Check it out!

As a kid, I can clearly remember seeing my Dad’s tackle boxes well organized so that he knew right where to go for exactly what he needed. Now that I’m well into my lifestyle of woodworking and creating, I’m faced with the same challenge of organizing my own sort of tackle box that can be used all over the house, shop or property. Rather than fishing tackle, I’m keeping track of different screws, bolts, electrical connectors, and a few drill bits with this water tight  DeWalt 20 Comportment Pro Small Parts Organizer sent to me by The Home Depot. 

This parts organizer is forever dedicated as my variety box which I’ve been using for various things around my property. If you’re like me, you may find yourself maintaining much more than one or two projects around your property/household. This parts organizer that keeps all of my essential hardware in one spot so regardless of what I’m aiming my efforts toward, I more than likely will have the hardware I need.

From the factory it features removable compartment dividers allowing you to customize the size of the compartments for larger or smaller gear. Since the lid is made from transparent polycarbonate, you can easily see into the box before opening the lid. If you’re interested in going all out with a stack of these organizers then you can easily take advantage of the side latches which couple multiple boxes together as one large stable unit.

Organizing parts and hardware is an ever-present challenge in all shops and households. If you’re in the market for a potential long term solution for keeping some of the essentials in order, check out one of these organizers from DeWalt using this link. Thanks for dropping in to check out the little parts organizer. It really does make your life easier for a grab and go solution. If you’re interested in learning more about this product feel free to use this link or one of the links from above.This review was provided in support of the ProSpective Campaign sponsored by The Home Depot. They supply the tool and I supply an opinion. The links in this review are affiliate links and provide a small kick-back to the website which helps to keep the wheel turning. Regardless, I genuinely appreciate your support.