Fast Blade For Fast Demo Work – Check It Out!

Call me crazy but I think a cordless sawzall is possibly one of the best tools for pruning small to medium size branches around my property. They’re light weight and easily deployable for small jobs. Of course this is only possible with a good blade. The Home Depot sent me a package of the Milwaukee 12” demolition blades just in time from some spin pruning. Check it out – 


Of course these blades are intended for intense demolition work. The teeth are made from hardened material which is ideal for chewing through nail imbedded wood which you’re certain to encounter during demo work. With that in mind I set up a small test bed with about seven 16d nails imbedded in the end grain. On the business end of a cordless DeWalt sawzall, it only took about 15 seconds to fully cross cut this pine 2×4 including the nails. Oddly enough, the presence of the nails was barely noticeable. Not bad!

Milwaukee reports to have 25% more steel in this blade for increased life and durability. Other than the small test bed I made for with the embedded nails, I can say that it gets through these hard oak branches pretty fast. The branch below was about 4 inches in diameter and required a full minute of sawing to chew through it. Obviously the wet nature of a green branch is going to slow the cutting process but I was pretty satisfied with the performance overall.

If you’re like me and see yourself using the cordless power tools for light tree service, I would suggest looking into some good sawzall blades like these 12” demo blades from Milwaukee. Of course these blades fit naturally on any demo project you may have at an affordable price of about 25 bucks for a pack of five. Feel free to use this link and learn more if you’re interested.

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