7 Tools – 1 kit – DeWalt Has You Covered.

If you’re looking into a package deal on tools to save some coin on your tool budget then you may consider one of the killer package deals offered by DeWalt. My seven piece kit retailed for  about $300.00 cheaper than buying each piece individually. These kits really are ideal for someone just getting into building and looking to start a tool collection or a contractor who needs to add an all in one grab bag of tools which is fit for tackling nearly any job they may run into.

The kit I’ve been beating on since the tail end of last year has really been surviving the test of time on the job site. I questioned whether or not there would be a drop in quality because the tools were packaged together compared to individual tools off the shelf but that certainly has not been the case. My kit came with seven tools; a drill and impact driver, high speed oscillating tool, a reciprocating saw, a flash light, an angle grinder, and (my absolute favorite of them all) a miniature circular saw.

The first tool I test drove was the cordless circular saw. Man did this thing really come in handy during my shop build. A/C power on the job site was not readily available which is where this tool really shined. The 6-1/2” blade had zero issues chomping through treated sill plates, 2”x12” header boards, and through corrugated asphalt roofing material. Suffice to say it’s a helluva powerful hand saw for it’s size.  It’s laid out well for a right handed person; as in, holding it right handed, you can see the blade side of the tool and not the motor side which is preferable in my opinion. Even if you don’t seek out a full blown tool kit like this one, I would encourage you to at least get your hands on one of these battery powered circular saws.

The drill and impact driver have been used throughout the entire build. These units have handled everything from 9” Timberlock screws on the trusses to driving somewhere around 5,000 or so roofing screws for the roofing panels.

I found the impact driver worked best for the larger Timberlocks but used the drill with it’s slipping clutch for setting the roofing screws to the ideal torque. The impact is such a brute, it would easily overdrive the roofing screw if I was not careful.  The clutch on the drill really makes repeat screw driving a no brainier and keeps you from accidentally over-driving your screws. 

The grinder is a rowdy little tool I’ve outfitted with a wire wheel to clean up some of the MIG welds on the Grenade Stools I just released to market; if you’re interested, check them out HERE. Ultimately I find the grinder to be very handy since I do not have to wrestle a power cord around the table as I weld parts up. Fewer cords is a good thing in my line of work!

When installing trim work I found the high speed oscillating tool to be a real gem. There have been many times when I’ve left a piece of trim long and then cut it to length once it’s attached to a surface. It has also worked really well for flush cutting wedge material during a recent door install. Basically, if you need something small and precise, the oscillating tool will get the job done with little to no collateral damage. DeWalt featured a quick release blade change lever allowing you to swap out a cutting blade without seeking an allen wrench to back out your center bolt. I’ve said it before but I feel tool-less is ideal for the tool industry. Touche DeWalt. 

On the other end of the spectrum we have the reciprocating saw – it can cut material as smoothly or aggressively as you like. With a progressive trigger I found the saw which comes with this kit surprisingly balanced. Outside of using the recip. saw for site work, it really makes a damn good branch trimmer lol.  I like to plug in a large demo blade into the keyless blade clamp and trim branches back on the trail. It’s much easier than toting around a gas powered unit and it makes less than half the noise…total win!

The flash light that comes in the kit works exactly as we would expect. I can say it will easily cast a beam from the house to the my shop which is about 200 feet. Not long ago I used it to spotlight a small pack of coyotes crossing our property – spooky! As a work light however, it works great since you can easily rotate the head of the light to point directly at your work piece.

The Home Depot offers all of these tools in one kit. I’ve noticed their “kits” change over time to include different options such as small radios, soft cases, hard cases, different numbers  and sizes of batteries and so on. If you keep an eye out, it’s not hard to find these tool kits on sale which makes for more money saved on top of the bundle savings….not a bad deal at all.  Again, these tools work well for anyone looking to buy once and have multiple tools to cover a variety of work requirements.

I appreciate you stopping by to learn more about this kit from DeWalt.  If you’re interested in learning more about this product feel free to use this link or one of the links from above. This review was provided in support of the ProSpective Campaign sponsored by The Home Depot. They supply the tool and I supply an opinion. The links in this review are affiliate links and provide a small kick-back to the website which helps to keep the wheel turning. Regardless, I genuinely appreciate your support.

Cheers – April