Hold on tight, it’s a new magnetic bit set from DeWalt. Check it out!

This bit box from DeWalt came to me at just the right time. I’m in the process of building a small metal building which requires hundreds of small sheet metal screws as well as some wood-to-metal screws. This MaxFit Driving Bit Set from DeWalt features a new twist on magnetically coupling a screw head to the driver bit with the use of a universal sleeve that adapts to various bit types.

Magnetic bit heads are nothing new to the driver bit industry.  The thing that separates this unit from others is the use of a circular magnetic sleeve which is adaptable to almost all of the bits in the box. The box comes with a 1/4” and 5/16” hex drivers as well as a 1/4” drill guide which all have rare earth magnets permanently installed in them as you would expect.

However, the magnetic sleeve is intended for all the other standard bits that typically do not have a magnetic feature; i.e. the torx, #2 and #3 phillips, square, and flat head bits.  Just snap the sleeve onto the shoulder of the bit and away you go. Once you start to align the bit to your screw, the magnetic sleeve quickly slides into position, keeping the head of the fastener nice and centered on the head of the bit.

At first I was a bit skeptical of how well it would work on the small metal building I’m erecting. However, the sleeve really does an excellent job of keeping the screw head concentric to the bit and reduces the amount of head wobble of the screw as it self-taps into the 18 gauge galvanized steel.

I feel like this little “widget” has been a long time coming. The sleeved drill guides we’re all familiar with do not work with screws which feature a large head diameter. If you wanna drive in a deck screw, the sleeved drill guide has been the way to go. Get into larger screws, such as the #12 x 2-1/2” wood to metal screws like I’m using, and it’s just you and the bit doing what you can to keep it all centered. That’s where this bit steps up to bat. Yes it will work on smaller head diameters like what you find in deck screws. But, it will also accommodate the big fat cats and keep the head from wobbling around as you spin it to the moon.

And that’s all folks. I really appreciate you stopping by to learn more about this little bit box. This review was written in support of The Home Depot ProSpective campaign…They supply the tool and I supply an opinion. If you are interested in purchasing one of these units, consider using this link or one from above. These are affiliate links and provide a small kick-back to the website which helps to keep the wheel turning. Regardless, I genuinely appreciate your support.