The Dremel Creators Combo Kit – Check it out!

This is an excellent kit for just about any homeowner, DIY’er, or creator. I’ve been using the entire kit here and there and have come to appreciate the quality and attention to detail Dremel is putting into their tools.

The skin of each tool is mainly made from ABS molded plastic that is lightly texturized. The plastic bodies are also over-molded in  what feels like Buna rubber which is nice and tacky to the touch.  Not only does this make handling the tools very easy and comfortable, but it really helps out with just keeping a good firm grip on the tools.

The Dremel high speed rotary tool offers a pretty cool built in “nose wrench” for the collet chuck making tool changes fast and easy. The nose wrench has a deep texture to grip onto as you tighten down the collet with the help of the spindle lock button. I’ve made several small cuts using the cut off wheel and have yet to use the available 32,000 RPMs this thing has available. Included in this tool package is a couple of small cut-off wheels, and aluminum oxide grinding stone, polishing wheel, and a conventional mandrel wrench.

The Saw-Max is pretty well sorted miniature circular saw….miniature as in, the blade diameter is 3” and then max cut depth is 3/4”. Because the cutting blade is so small, it lends itself to a very controllable tool when holding it with one hand only. Unlike a conventional circular saw, the applied torque at the edge of the cutting disc is very low due to the small disc diameter and the fact that it turns 17,000 RPM!

Adjusting the deck is super easy by way of the large lever on the side. Turn the lever 1/4 to the right and the shoe of the saw is ready to dial in to whatever depth you need. Naturally, Dremel included a depth scale that features both metric and standard units. One thing to look out for is the arbor bolt and its tricky left handed threads. From the factory these come with a directional sticker but I would be cautious lending it to a friend who may not know to look for something like that….don’t ask me how I learned this lesson. Lol.

Which brings us to the Multi-Max oscillating tool. Unlike the battery powered options, this corded model has the grunt required to cut through some pretty nasty stuff as it soaks up 3.3 amps at a max output of 23,000 OPM. Like the other tools this oscillating has a robust body and nice grippy texture for keeping positive control as it removes material.

Out of the box the Multi-Max oscillator comes with 2 accessory blades; one straight blade for wood use and one half-circle for wood and drywall. Dremel incorporated a sneaky built in wrench into the body of the oscillator that makes blade changing quick and easy. Hit the quick release button to deploy the 10 mm hex wrench and you’re ready to swap out the accessory by backing out the right hand threaded bolt. This wrench also fits the arbor bolt for the Saw-Max so they’ve got you covered there also.

The most appealing part about this lot is the quality of tooling at a crazy low price point. The Home Depot has this 3 tool kit on the shelf or delivered to your door for $129.00. For me it would be an easy choice if I were in the market for any one of these tools since the cost of the entire lot is not much more than any one of the tools if purchased individually.

I appreciate you stopping by to learn more about these products. Dremel has done a good job in the design of each of them and they would fit perfectly into the tool box of any home owner, DIYer, or creator. If you’re interested in learning more about this kit feel free to use this link or one of the links from above. This review was provided in support of the ProSpective Campaign sponsored by The Home Depot. They supply the tool and I supply an opinion. The links in this review are affiliate links and provide a small kick-back to the website which helps to keep the wheel turning. Regardless, I genuinely appreciate your support.