Quick Look at Water Resistant Gloves From Husky

While I love these gloves…I have to give them away : ( Unfortunately these are too big for me so I will be handing them over to my husband. However I wanted to test these gloves against basic water penetration.

The gloves are marketed as a “water resistant” glove. So, although I have not used them out on the property because of their size, I can offer a little insight about their water resistance.

They really are water resistant. I have worked with wet gloves many times in the past and can attest to how slimy a raw-hide glove can become in wet conditions. These gloves have gone through water repellant treatment during the tanning process which keeps the water from penetrating the pores.

I soaked these gloves under the sink a number of times and the water simply beads up on the surface. It beads and rolls off the material the same way water rolls off a nicely waxed vehicle.

After soaking each glove under a constant stream of water for 3 minutes, neither of the gloves showed any signs of water penetration. From an overall standpoint these gloves are made really well, the stitching is tight, and the glove feels soft enough to be comfortable while working.

If you’re interested in getting a pair for you or for someone’s stocking in the upcoming holiday season, consider using this link.

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Cheers – April