Check out the Cordless Band Saw from DeWalt!

Step away from the hack saw…..go on, put it down. Believe it or not but you may very well throw rocks at your hack saw after using this light little cordless band saw from DeWalt. I’m not sure how long DeWalt has been in the portable band saw business but I am sure happy to get my hands on one of these through this Home Depot ProSpective Campaign. Here’s my take on it:

The first thing you notice about it when you take a hold of the cushy pistol grip is just how light and compact this thing is. It weighs in at 10.25 lbs and is just under 15-1/2” long. The handle is placed right between the motor and battery making it really well balanced and easy to maneuver.

If you’ve ever been in an attic in the middle of summer or even under a dark house cutting PVC or conduit you know very well how frustrating and exhausting a hack saw can be. And whether it’s a hack saw or even a reciprocating saw, you don’t always have the room needed to operate them well. That’s where the sompact size of this tool really comes in handy.

This little dude cares not about what type of pipe, plastic, or metal you’re cutting and makes quick work of anything 2-1/2” and under. Electricians would really benefit from this saw since they can easily reach for one tool whether they’re cutting uni-strut, conduit (EMT, IMC, and PVC), or even solid all-thread. This little port-a-band can handle it all.

The trigger on this saw is either on or off and is not variable as you might see in other models. It features a small LED working light above the workpiece that shines a nice clear light on the cut line. The trigger is protected by a trigger release so there is no worry of accidentally depressing it while it cruises along in a tool box. This saw also features a tool-less blade adjustment and blade changing making it easy to install and fine tune the blade tracking of the saw.

I think this little saw has a place in nearly everyone’s shop, garage, or work truck since you can basically use it almost anywhere you may think to reach for the hack saw…(almost). The portable band saw may be one of the coolest inventions to come into the hand tool theatre in a long time. Advanced battery technology makes owning one of these a real treat since they can go for so long without needing a recharge and they’re much lighter than the old led-acid batteries. If you’re in the market for one of these little saws, consider using this link or maybe the one above.

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