It’s a Cordless Air Compressor From RIDGID – Check It Out

Since moving into the new home I have been working in the attached garage and have yet to wire and plumb in my large air compressor. I don’t use a lot of pneumatic tools other than a brad nailer mainly, so it hasn’t been a huge inconvenience. In the mean time, I’ve been using this cordless compressor I recently got as part of The Home Depot ProSpective campaign. It’s the RIDGID 1.0 Gal. 18 Volt Cordless Air Compressor. I’ve really been putting it to use more than I figured I would to be honest. As a battery powered little compressor, it’s very handy. Here are a couple of things I’ve learned about it since I’ve had time to put some miles on it.

As a small compact compressor it does pretty darn well. It’s not terribly loud when it’s coming up to pressure and ramps up to 120psi in about 50 seconds. RIDGID reports that the compressor sound level is 77 decibels which is just a bit louder than your standard household vacuum cleaner.

The hose connection is nice and easy to get to and accepts standard ¼” or industrial 1/4” attachments. It’s the spring loaded type that only requires one hand to operate. I keep a small 4 foot rubber hose whip attached to it at all times so it is ready to go. Fortunately Ridgid incorporated a small adjustable rubber band to keep the hose organized and tucked tightly to the compressor when its stowed away.

The overall construction is very sturdy. The steel tube frame has big rubber isolators that don’t damage the finished flooring in the house.

It has a steel tank with a built-in ¼ turn ball valve for draining moisture that forms in the tank and a single stage compressor that comes from the factory with oil in it .It’s got a big regulator knob that has a “push-to-lock” feature so you know it’s good and seated once the knob is compressed. Lastly, it’s able to deliver 1.4 SCFM @ 40psi and 1.0 SCFM @ 90psi.

With the last bit of information there you should be able to see how this compressor would be ideal for finish nailing and a little less ideal for something like a roofing nailer. Of course it also works well as small compressor to keep around the property for airing up tires and so on. All and all I really like that this compressor is light, compact, and easy to deploy anywhere around the property without the need of extension cords or a gas motor.

The compressor is a pretty good deal at The Home Depot and you can check it out with this link. If you are already in the 18 volt RIDGID family then this little unit is an easy win. Otherwise you are on the hook for purchasing a battery and a charger. It’s worth mentioning the compressor will run on as little as one 2.0 Ah battery but it is best paired with two 4.0 Ah batteries if you plan to use it for long jobs away from 120 VAC. And yes, it will work with ANY combination of battery sizes in the 18-volt family.

If you’re interested in buying one of these compressors, feel free to use this link. This link, along with some of the others are affiliate links established under The Home Depot ProSpective Campaign which has sponsored this post as well as some others. Purchases made using these links help this page to stay alive and kicking.  I appreciate your support in this way.

Have a great day – April : )