How to Build Ramps For a Shed

I’m so happy I had this shed delivered. Yes, I would like to have built a small shop myself but time in the schedule simply did not allow for it. Once it was delivered though, I was faced with the challenge of getting stuff into it easily lol. The deck of the building is about 15″ above the ground on one side and about 20″ above ground on the other.  After a quick napkin sketch, I came up with this ramp design you can see in the video down below. This approach was pretty straight forward and was relatively in expensive. If you have a small shed on your property, this video would serve a great guide to building your own ramps.  Thanks for stopping by to learn more about the project.

Things I used In This Build:


ISOtunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection
Circular Saw
Custom Tool Belt
Multi Stand
Miter Saw



Saw Horses
Super Jaws
Framing Square


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