Review of the Bosch Multi-Purpose Drill Bit Set

I’ve got to admit I was pretty stoked to get these Bosch multipurpose carbide bits as part of the ProSpective Campaign from The Home Depot. I’ve since had a chance to use them a number of times and I’m pretty pleased with their performance.

Bosch managed to squeeze out a real multi-purpose bit with this set. Generally, I’ve always understood that masonry bits were not ideal for drilling through metal and such. So far, these bit have done well with drilling through 1/8” steel as well as through the stucko and hardie board (aka concrete board) on the side of my house and I haven’t killed ’em yet!

I recently had a mini-split air conditioner installed in the garage of my house which had a lot of drilling involved. This bit easily ate through all the layered material (including a metal thermal barrier) with the help of a hammer drill.

You can also use these guys in an impact driver. All of the bits have a ¼” shank which snaps right into the collar of an impact driver. Personally I am loving all of the advances in impact driver technology and bit accessories that have taken off in recent years. There seem to be a really wide variety of choices of bit types that are optimized for the snap in collars found in impact drivers.

Consider the two main killers of masonry bits by the users: applying too much force and killing the cutting tip, and not clearing the drill hole of debris/chips while drilling. This spike in friction around the bit and at the head of the bit, will basically heat the material causing it to relax enough to lose its sharp cutting edge. Bosch helped us out here with ultra-hard carbide cutting tips as well as a steep flute angle.

The cutting teeth are intended for serious abuse and are ideal for absorbing impact energy as a consequence of use in an impact driver. The steep flute angle encourages the material out of the hole quickly reducing the time on contact with the outer edges of the bit. With those two simple little features these bits haul-ass through solid material. Check em out; they’ll surprise you.

Bosch refers to this bit set as the “all in one bit” set and I can see why. It’s a great all around set that would fit well into anyone’s tool bag as their “got-to” set for thrashing and abuse….especially for those involved in installation work where drilling into masonry materials are a daily thing.

Thanks for dropping by to learn more about the bits : ) This little set is pretty inexpensive and can be found at the local Home Depot or by using this link. If you use the link for a purchase, not only will you love the bits, but you’ll help this page out as well. Thanks so much for the support. : )

Cheers – April.