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Review of the Bosch Speed Clean Dust Extracting SDS Bit


Today we are going to take a closer look at the Bosch Speed Clean – Dust Extractor SDS Bit. Bosch has been setting the standard over the years for quality hammer drills and masonry bits as well as many other commercial quality tools.

The Speed Clean bit does as it the name implies and basically cleans the hole of dust and debris as the drill removes material. Extracting the dust is achieved with the help of a shop-vac. As you can see, there is a port for a vacuum attachment that leads directly to the bit.

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If you lean in a little closer on the bit, you can see that the bit is hollow in the center. This open cavity center leads down to two extraction ports at the tip of the bit . The ports are nested between the carbide cutting teeth.

As the teeth remove material, the extraction ports inhale the dusty material and eject it out through the vacuum attachment and into your shop vac. Why is this important? If you’ve ever set concrete anchors into an existing slab or wall you already know the answer to this question.

Either way, here’s the skinny: Conventional masonry bits all demand a pretty predictable routine; run the bit in with a hammer drill, pull the bit out, vacuum the hole, repeat until you’ve reached your target depth, vacuum the hole again, then install your fastener according to manufacturer specs. This bit allows you stay in the hole until the job is done by providing a constant path for dust escape.

For many commercial jobs these days, OSHA compliance is a huge priority. In the case of silica regulations, the Bosch Speed Clean sets itself out front with these dust extracting bits. Aside from helping with OSHA compliance, the dust sucking bit is also a great technology to help keep the operators lungs from becoming effected by airborne dust due to drilling.

Out here in the woods, OSHA is far removed from my job sites.  However, I had to test this technology to gage just how well this bit actually works.  I drilled a 1/2″ diameter hole in a piece of lime stone while actively vacuuming the dust from the bit.  I was pretty blown away.  Conventionally dust tends to “mound up” around the drill hole with standard masonry bits. This drill bit did not.  I was able to drill a 1/2″ diameter hole through about 2″ of lime stone and effectively removed all of the dust the bit generated.

These bits come from the brand you’ve already come to know and love in the arena of commercial hammer drills and SDS bits. If you are interested in saving time on each anchor hole, keeping your workspace and lungs clean from dust contamination, and investing in a long lasting carbide bit, then consider the Speed Clean line up of SDS bits from Bosch.

This review is sponsored by The Home Depot through their ProSpective campaign. 




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