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Review of Rigid 12 Volt Palm Impact Screwdriver


I’ll cut to the chase on this one – you need to own one of these! When I received this little 12 Volt Palm Impact Driver from RIGID, I did not have the highest of expectations….just being honest. Man was I wrong. This compact drill driver fits into your hand perfectly and can get into nearly any space a conventional drill would otherwise be too large for. At the same time, RIGID did not sacrifice power for size. This little thing can drive in 3” deck screws with no problem. Keep in mind this is an impact driver and not a regular drill driver.

If you look at it closely you can see that there is not a conventional “trigger”. That’s because RIGID totally took a different approach and made this impact driver pressures sensitive……what’s that even mean? Let’s say you’re driving a screw into a drawer slide at the back of a cabinet and the space is a bit tight. You reach for this compact tool with its “push-to-drive” technology. All you need to do with this drill is load the screw onto a bit, place the screw in the hole of the drawer slide, then simply PRESS the drill into the material. As soon as you begin to press the drill inward, the motor begins turning; press a little harder and the impact feature will pound your screw in with minimal effort on your end. It’s one of those kind of tools that begs the question, “why didn’t we think of this years ago” lol.

Interested in purchasing one? Find one HERE through the Home Depot.

The other buttons that you’ll find on the drill are a direction switch and a light switch. The direction switch is at the top of the unit and is easy to maneuver one handed which is pretty important to me. The switch that operates the light aligns well with the thumb if you’re holding it in your right hand. However, both the direction and the light switches are just as easy to operate with your left hand as they are the right. Although there is a dedicated light switch, the light will automatically come on as soon as the bit is pressed into something so you’re never running this thing in the dark.

The unit comes with a battery and charger. The battery is a 12 Volt 1.5 Ah Lithium-Ion battery that can reach a full charge in about 20-25 minutes. A full charge will last wayyy longer than you might think. I used this thing on an outdoor furniture build and after a day of driving in about 75 exterior wood screws, it was still on a half a tank. The level of the battery is easy to read with the “fuel gauge” on the side of the drill body. The gauge also comes on while you are drilling so you can know well in advance when the unit is running low on juice.Here are some technical specifications worth mentioning. The drill only weighs 1.9 lbs which mainly comes from the motor/gear box and not the light weight battery. The max torque is 400 in*lbs and the max speed is 2000 RPM. The impact mechanism delivers 3000 impacts per minute and with a bit of math you can see it will deliver 3 impacts for every 2 revolutions (or 1.5 impacts per rev).

Last but certainly not the least is the warranty. Prepare yourself – lifetime warranty folks. That’s right. According the to the RIGID website, if you simply register your product on their website with your original purchase receipt from Home Depot, you will qualify for a “lifetime of free replacement batteries, free service, and free replacement parts” (Source: RIGID Warranty).

And that about wraps this one up. Hopefully by now you’ve caught on to the excitement I have for this little palm driver. The variable speed “push-to-drive” impact driver technology is a match made in tool heaven. Couple that with a long lasting battery and bumper-to-bumper lifetime warranty and you have a real winner.

Yall take care – April

This review is sponsored by The Home Depot through their ProSpective campaign. 


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