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Review of the Diablo Demo Demon Saw Blade


Construction and demolition work are a balance between speed and safety among many other things. In this type of environment you need a good saw blade that can deliver on that criteria. I’ve been using Diablo products since I’ve gotten into woodworking due to their high quality and low cost blades. Today I’m offering a snapshot review of the Diablo Demo Demon saw blade with Tracking Point Amped technology on behalf of the The Home Depot’s ProSpective Campaign. Short story: this blade is a beast and is hard not to appreciate at $15 from The Home Depot.  If you’re interested, find one here.

This blade is considered a thin kerf blade and has an average tooth thickness of about .065” according to my calipers. The thin kerf and Perma-Sheild coating lend themselves to very low frictional forces on the blade making it very smooth and easy to push through material. This is really good news for you cordless power saw users. Diablo claims 65% more cuts per battery charge when compared to other blades.

Make no mistake, this blade is optimized for demolition work but also performs well in standard framing cuts on new material. Whether you are sawing through new material or ripping through shingles, nails, and decking material, the tracking point amped technology keeps the blade nice and stable under load.

Find this blade at your local Home Depot: Diablo Demo Demon

This technology is focused on having 3 different grind profiles on the carbide cutting teeth. The cutting profiles alternate between a left and right bevel but feature a “tracking” point between each left/right beveled tooth. This tracking point has a dual bevel on each side and keeps the blade “tracking” on the intended path. By approaching the profile sequence this way, the blade teeth do not induce excessive vibrations throughout the blade…..all this boils down to a higher quality cut, longer blade life, and more cuts per battery charge for cordless saws.

The longevity of a demolition blade also relies heavily on impact resistance or “toughness”. When a saw blade is driven through nail embedded wood like you find in demo work, the energy that it takes to cut through the hardened steel nail must be absorbed by the tooth of the saw blade. This is exactly where Diablo stands out with this blade. They have used a number of different technologies in the design of this saw blade to soak up that energy and effectively distribute it throughout the blade material and not focus it in the carbide teeth alone.

The teeth are shaped such that they fit into a small “nest” in the steel blade material and are aligned in a way that resist teeth tear out. Diablo refers to this as their “Lock-Tooth” technology. Joining the teeth to the blade is achieved through “tri-metal” shock resistant brazing which is a proprietary method used to better bond the teeth to the blade. Last but not least with the design of these carbide teeth is the Durablend TiCo coating. “TiCo” is an abbreviation for “Titanium Cobalt” which is a carbide coating process to ensure extreme impact resistance. This technology is also found in machine cutting tools and is a proven technique for increased toughness when compared to non-coated carbide cutting tools.

When I was approached about doing a review for this blade, I decided to mimic a test “sandwich” I had seen on a saw blade thread. You can see below that I embedded 18d ring shank nails in to a piece of 2×6 material, covered it in flashing, and then finally covered all that in asphalt shingle material. It’s worth mentioning that the saw moved very easily through my test bed and did not even feel close to kicking back through the entire cut.

Like I mentioned above, I have owned a number of different Diablo blades. As a DIYer, you just can’t get away from demo work. After a tough day of demo cuts through nails, shingles, and plywood, the Diablo Demo Demon blade still provided a great finish cut on new lumber.

If you are in the market for a blade that can really stand up to some hard core wear and tear, consider the Diablo Demo Demon. It’s really loaded up with some fascinating technology that proves effective against real world abuse.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about this product. If you are interested in purchasing one of these blades, consider using one of the links provided in this review. In a small way, it helps this site stay alive on the vine.  Yall take care – April.

This review is sponsored by The Home Depot through their ProSpective campaign. 


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