DIY Laundry Basket Holder

The Inspiration:
The concept is brilliant, and it’s stylish at the same time. Here are Step by step instructions if you are interested in making your own. Ana White has plans for the same concept but with the baskets turned horizontal in case that fits your space better.

Here is the one I made. I found some 1/2 inch plywood at Home Depot for $0.51 so I used that instead of 3/4 inch. It might not be as sturdy, but it serves its function and after everything was said and done I only had $2.50 invested in materials. Woo Hoo!

Here is a short video showing how it works.
Threw on some primer and paint then shoved it into place.
Buuuut….then I thought it looked too plain so I moved it back into the living room and got my paint brushes back out….
….gave it a little WHAM….
and a little BAM…
and it said Thank you ma’am. : )
Ok, being serious. I can’t draw. So when I want to do something cute like this, I go online and search the internet until I find an image that fits the bill. Shutterstock.com is a wonderful place to start. You can buy rights to the photos very cheap and they have a huge selection. Once I found the photo I hooked up my projector and got to tracing, then came back and painted in the lines.
Pretty cute huh?
Total Cost: $20.00 (new baskets were $17)

6 thoughts on “DIY Laundry Basket Holder

  1. VERY nice! And what a savings you made – plus got to be creative!

    I am going to keep this in mind – maybe it’d work better in my small laundry room … makes me think I’ll keep my stacking w/d instead of sitting them on the floor! Hey, I like that. They’re a pain to unstack.

    Thanks! Jenn Link #63 on Sarah’s Homemaking Link Up (or scroll down on my blog to see the cake/icecream cones photos. You can’t miss them. 😉

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