16 Instant Workshop Storage Solutions

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Organizing a shop is never ending, but here are 16 very simple solutions that will help you get a head start. 

These electrical boxes are super cheap and a very quick way of creating a storage compartment on the edge of any workbench. 

Even cheaper is a picture hanger, hammer this into the side of any shop surface and automatically have a spot for a tape to be placed. 

Want a convent compartment to hold small parts without being on the workbench? PVC end caps just need a hole and one screw to become a very handy parts trey that’s quick to deploy but just as quick to stow away.

Here is a quick solution for a drill. Drill a hole in the side of a workbench then thread in a large hook that’s coated in rubber.

There, a quick holster to keep your drill off the surface of your work area but still within reach. 

Do you keep misplacing your drill press chuck key? Throw a magnet on the side so you’ll never have to wonder where you put it this time….

Now for larger items like a shop vac hose or extension cords, simply drive an eyelet hook in the wall with a short length of chain.

You can place the chain through anything rolled up and store it in place by just hooking the other end of chain to the hook. 

A perfect use for an old paper towel rack is to throw it on your shop wall and store all your rolls of tape. 

Or if you have an old towel rack, you can very easily screw it into the wall and have a spot for hand clamps. 

For a wide range of hand tools, you can grab some PVC pipe and use the miter saw to cut two 45 angles on the ends.

Punch a hole through one end so that you can screw it to the wall and have a place to quickly place your hand tools.

Same concept for this hack but using larger diameter PVC and mounting it on the wall with the angle facing the wall. Now you have a quick storage spot for tubes of caulking. 

Another way is to make a wooden shelf out of some scraps. Punch some holes with a forstner bit and then mount it to a wall. Now the tubes can store upside down.

This one isn’t the most elegant looking (although I guess PVC isn’t that elegant either), but a large shoe compartment is cheap, easy to install on a wall, and will hold a large assortment of items that are easy to see and grab. 

Instead of hanging things the traditional way on pegboard, a different way is to slip a piece of PVC onto the peg holders then store a variety of items in the center. 

Another unique but cheap solution for pegboard storage is shower curtain rings.

I particularly like these for sazall blades. Your whole collection can be stores on one ring then hung up for easy visibility and grabbing.

A simple solution for anything from pencils, to a router collect wrench is to screw a single tool pouch to your wall. 

A good solution for tons of things are these plastic J hooks. They are less than a dollar each but are super easy to mount to the wall and could be used to hold a boom for example, or rolled up cords, or even welding hoods. 

Bonus Tip:

The Smart Jars system has quickly become one of my favorite ways to organize hardware in the shop. The system is made of of these docks that fit into a standard pegboard. Inside each dock is a plastic container.

I love that you have the option to leave a container in a dock and grab what you need. Or, you can take the whole container to your workstation. All of the containers are laid over so the face of the container is facing you so you can easily see what you have inside of it. Of course a labeling system could also be added to the face of each container.

They are made in the USA. And, if you aren’t a fan of standard pegboard, they also sell plastic pegboard.

This is obviously useful in the shop, but could also be useful in the kitchen as a spice rack or even for arts and crafts supplies and legos. The options are endless.

Definitely give Smart Jars a look for your shop’s organization.

Even if these aren’t your permanent solutions, getting things off the ground and off your workbench is a great use of time so I hope you’re able to put at least one of them to use. 

I’ll see you on my next project.

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